Zen Dog Training

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At Zen Dog Training we’ll teach you the secrets to successful dog training, using time-tested methods approved by veterinarians and animal trainers around the world.

You’ll learn what works, what doesn’t (and why) as we create a unique training plan based on mutual understanding, communication, and powerful consequences.

Better understand and communicate with your dog

When you speak your dog’s language, it is easier to teach obedience, commands, and set boundaries.  Best of all, your dog will love our positive-reinforcement methods.  What is Zen Dog Training?

Designed with your lifestyle in mind

Our balanced approach uses fun games, so it’s easier for every member of your family to practice obedience during walks, in the yard, or at the park. Consistently use our methods, and you’ll see that in -- no time at all -- you’ll have the dog you’ve always wanted!

With Zen Dog Training you’ll learn:

  • How to simply and effectively train your dog!
  • The fastest why to teach your dog to listen and learn from you.
  • How to get tough and say "No!" in the language your dog understands.
  • How to solve problem behaviors and encourage good ones.
  • Exactly what to do when your dog misbehaves, including what methods you should avoid.

New puppy in the house?

Check out our new iBook The Zen Method of Raising a Puppy - includes great solutions you can use right away for playbiting, housetraining, and other new puppy challenges.