Samantha Butler

Samantha has been working with animals in some way, shape, or form for the majority of her life. She grew up in Maryland with a variety of pets ranging from hermit crabs and an African Spurred Tortoise to a super sweet English lab.

Her passion for working with animals continued through her college years in Virginia and ultimately landed her several internships in the marine mammal training industry. It was during these internships around the country that she realized how incredibly rewarding animal training is, both for the teacher and the student, and decided to pursue a career in the field.

After working with marine animals (including dolphins, sea lions, seals, otters, and penguins) for almost a decade in tropical Florida and Hawaii, Samantha relocated to Cambridge, MA and has now continued her training career with dogs and their lovely owners! She believes that it is very important for owners to understand their dog’s behavior in order to help facilitate a healthy living and training environment.

Samantha found the Zen Dog Training team shortly after moving to Cambridge.  She joined ZDT in order to continue using the positive training principles she’s learned throughout her training career, all while having fun!  From her personal experiences, she believes that training is another way to strengthen and fully develop the relationship between a dog and its owner, which can be done without the use of negative techniques.  The better and clearer the communication, the stronger and healthier the relationship!

Samantha’s training interests include new puppy training, solving adolescent behaviors, and family dog training. She looks forward to helping people meet their training goals using safe, positive, and effective training techniques.  When she’s not hanging with the hounds, Samantha enjoys trying new restaurants (especially coffee shops!), exploring the great outdoors, and reading.


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