Want to Know the Secret to Successful Dog Training?

The secret is: only train when you can control the outcome.

In other words, choosing the right time to train is important. When you are in the middle of something and your dog misbehaves, you may not have time to train. In these situations, INTERRUPT your dog and quickly MANAGE the situation.

Rather than trying to “train” your dog in front of your guests, or when you are in a rush, dedicate time each day to creating TEACHING MOMENTS. Teaching Moments are where you set a specific time to practice exercises that teach your dog expected outcomes.

Zen Dog Training

This kind of training encourages dog owners to understand when they should MANAGE and when they should train. This is the philosophy behind Zen Dog Training.

When there is time to train, it means taking every opportunity to set-up environments where you can teach a lesson or prevent bad behaviors from happening in the first place.  Once you control the outcome, training becomes easier. The secret is rather then just ignoring, avoiding or managing, you must repeat exercises over and over (in a controlled setting) until your dog understands the rules.

Essentially, teach your dog they get praise, treats, and love for making good decisions, but also, they lean they are ignored, interrupted, or controlled if they make a bad decision. These negative outcomes never attempt to dominate, scare, or startle a dog, but still indicate that an unwanted behavior needs to stop.

At Zen Dog Training, we recommend you set-up situations – every day – where you teach your dog the rules, boundaries, and consequences of their decisions with carefully crafted environments and consistency.

Great trainers constantly control the outcomes by creating TEACHING MOMENTS that use the right MANAGEMENT TOOLS. Set your dog up for success by carefully structuring the environment in a way that guarantees you control the outcome and you will be able to both reward good behaviors and ignore, interrupt, or control bad ones until you teach a lesson.

The Secret to Zen Dog Training

The Secret to Zen Dog Training is getting people to think like dogs do, to train with an understanding what truly motivates their dog. Training comes from clear communication and depends consistent rules and outcomes. People are challenged to not only set their dog up to succeed, but even even fail, in training scenarios that reinforce the rules of the house.

When you include all the training options: Positive Reinforcement, Negative Reinforcement, Interrupting, Management, and Ultimatums your dog will quickly learn to become a Zen Dog!